Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mothers Day Tea Towel Cake


Don't you just love it!

Here's how to make it & what you'll need:
  • Cake Base Board
  • Bendable Cardboard
  • Three Coordinating Tea Towels
  • Baking Utensils & Cookie Cutter
  • Ribbon, Letters or other Embellishments
  • Hot Glue Gun & Glue
  • Four Pins
Step One:

I used a cereal box for my cardboard. If using the same, flatten out and cut two strips.

My first strip was about 4 inches wide by 16 inches long

My second strip was 6 inches wide by 13 inches long.

Step Two:

I found these "designer" coordinating tea towel sets at Ross for $5.00!

Step Three:

Bend the long strip into a circle. Secured with hot glue and then secure to the cake base with hot glue.

Step Four:

Repeat step three with the taller strip and secure it in the middle.

Step Five:

Covering the cardboard is simple. Fold your tea towel (I kept mine folded the way it came) and wrap it around the cardboard and secure with pins in the back. Fold the bottom towel over the cardboard.

Step Six:

Stuff your third tea towel into the top and fluff up all pretty!

Step Seven:

Decorate your cake! I did a baking theme, wooden spoons, whisks and a heart cookie cutter. Then I added ribbon and sparkly letters I had left over from a real cake my friend made for my baby shower.

You're Done! Easy, Cute & Unique! I love it!


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