Friday, May 7, 2010

The Pillanket or Blanko AKA Pillow/Blanket All In One


The "Planket": A Tutorial From the File Box...
....Renamed by my little one as Blanko or sometimes the Pillanket!!

STEP ONE: Lay your pillow on your fabric. How much fabric you will need will depend on how big your pillow is, but just make sure the length is roughly three times the height of the pillow... more on that in a bit.

STEP TWO: Cut the width with about five inches wider that the pillow on both sides.

STEP THREE: Measure the length of the pillow and make it three times longer than that.

(I just wrap the pillow three times, not really measure specifically... it doesn't have to be exact!)

STEP FOUR: Sew the ends under at the ends of the fabric. (It will be the smaller ends NOT the long end)

STEP FIVE: Lay your fabric in the three layered pieces, wrong sides together. (Wrong sides means that the BACK of the fabric is showing.) You will want to lay it so that the sewn edge is about one inch from the bottom on both sides.

TIP: You can pin it closed on the edges closed here, if you want.

STEP SIX: Sew straight down the both of the sides.

STEP SEVEN: Turn it all inside out. Lookie, lookie! You made a pillow case!! Almost done now...

STEP EIGHT: Find the center of your fleece blanket by folding it in half and holding it at the middle You can put a pin at the center to keep it's place. (I used a preemade fleece 'cause it is already finished at the edges.) Then find the center of your pillow case and match it with the center of the top of your fleece.

Pin it there together, then fan out on both sides, until the pillowcase is securely pinned to the edges. I overlap the case on the pillow by about one inch.

Make a straight stich down one way, then turn it around to go the other way. I prefer this double stitch for longevity! :)

STEP NINE: Tuck the pillow on the UNDER SIDE of the flap.

STEP TEN: Fold the sides in of the fleece to match the width of the case. Then fold up and tuck the extra in the open flap of the case.

Voila- you have finished your Pillanket/Blanko! But don't stop there... this can be so easily personalized and embellished! Choose a fabric that matches your child's taste, then add an appliqued design or initial, then a ruffle or ribbon hemming along the edge... The sky's the limit! Have fun! :)

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