Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Beaded Headband

This was a quick and easy craft to do with girls. They areable to pick out the beads and thread the elastic through. We made this one with whatever beads we had lying around. I used two different colored elastic to help you see the instructions clearly.


• elastic strings
• beads

1. Measure the head size of your child or you for a headband then give lots of room to spare. Then tie a knot on one side about 3-4 inches from the end.

2. Thread the first elastic with beads. For me, I just had Kaye bead enough to cover from ear to ear. Tie the other end when you’re through.

3. Thread the second elastic with beads. Same as the last step.

4. Tie both elastic strings together at where the beads end. Do to both sides.

5. Remeasure the head and tie both open ends together so it meets at the bottom of the headband.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Make your own Sports Headband Tutorial

from :

If you have a daughter who plays on sports teams or if you like to work out and you wear the "sports style" headbands with a ponytail - this tutorial is for you! Don't want to pay $8-$18 for a headband? Make one yourself for cheap!

You need:

• A sewing machine (or patience and good eyesight for hand sewing)

• 7/8" wide grosgrain ribbon of your choice (background color) ($1.97 or less - look for coupons)

• 5/8" wide grosgrain ribbon of your choice (top color) ($1.97 or less)

• 3/8" wide grosgrain ribbon that matches either of the two previous colors ($1.97 or less)

• 7/8" wide velvet ribbon (this is the hardest to find - check Hobby Lobby for $1.99 spools of 6 ft of ribbon that are often half price or check other fabric stores in the "by the yard" ribbon - black or brown work well, white is good for lighter colors)

• Fabric glue ($4 or so a bottle) - hot glue does NOT work for this, sorry, it is too stiff

• Invisible thread or thread that matches both of your ribbon colors

• Two "adult" size "no metal" thick ponytail holders

• Scissors

• Measuring tape

Step 1

Cut the 7/8" wide and 5/8" wide grosgrain ribbons to 15 1/2" long for a child's size headband or 16 1/2" long for a teen or adult headband.

Step 2

Cut the 7/8" wide velvet ribbon to 14" (kids) or 15" (adult) - you could cut it the same length as the grosgrain, but depending on your spool of ribbon you may be able to get an extra headband out of the spool if you cut it a bit shorter.

Step 3

Use the fabric glue and run a small line of fabric glue down each long edge of the 5/8" grosgrain ribbon. If this ribbon is a dark color, you could put one line down the middle, but lighter colors will show the glue line if you put it in the middle. Glue the 5/8" ribbon to the middle of the 7/8" ribbon - putting the ribbon down carefully so that the edges are even.

Step 4

Using invisible thread (or thread that matches the color of the 5/8" ribbon) sew down the edge of the 5/8" ribbon.

Step 5

Run a line of glue down the velvet ribbon. Glue this to the back of the 7/8" grosgrain ribbon. There will be a gap at each end of the ribbon where it is not covered by velvet - this is okay, it won't show.

Step 6

Using invisible thread (or thread that matches the color of the 7/8" grosgrain ribbon) carefully and slowly (especially if you are using invisible thread) sew down the edge of the velvet ribbon to attach it securely to the grosgrain ribbon.

Step 7

Take the two ponytail holders and knot them together. This is slightly difficult to explain, but I don't have a internet-compatible video camera, so I'm going to have to do the best I can. You're going to find the spot on each ponytail holder where they have been stuck together. Lay the two ponytail holders on top of each other with the connection spots on opposite sides of the circle from each other. Loop one side of one ponytail holder around the other and pull taught. Hopefully the pictures below help explain this.

Step 8

Fold the end of the ribbon from Step 6 over one side of the ponytail holder. Sew in place, going back-and-forth several times over the end to make sure it doesn't pull out. Repeat with the other side.

Step 9

Cut two pieces of 3/8" grosgrain ribbon to 2 1/2" long. Heat seal the ends (run a lighter or match quickly and carefully across the cut end of the ribbon and it will melt together slightly and prevent fraying). Put a line of fabric glue on each 2 1/2" piece.

Step 10

Fold these short pieces over the sewn part of the headband for a nicer looking finish. Allow to dry before putting in anyone's hair.

You can replace the "team colors" with a patterned 7/8" grosgrain ribbon like I did below, and you omit steps 3 &

4. (See photo of Kate below with the zebra print headband on.) Or you can move up a size and use 1 1/2" grosgrain ribbon and velvet ribbon, and 7/8" for the top piece (or again use a patterned ribbon).

You can find Razorback ribbon at some of the Wal-Mart stores so you could make "game day" headbands for you and your friends.



You will not believe how easy this is - let's get started:

First, gather your supplies.

"The Look" is to have the leggings hit mid-calf. I happened to have some footless tights in my giveaway pile because they were too small for my daughter - perfect. Too small just meant too short - they'll still fit around the waist. If you need to go buy footless tights, buy a size too small so they'll be short. And then I had some leftover ribbon - that's where you can be creative - try some wild colors!

As I was considering how to make these, I figured you'd gather the ribbon, then sew it on to the tights - pretty simple. But it's even easier than that! I was thinking about my earlier use of my gathering foot and how it works, and thought of a new plan:

When you put the tights around the arm of the sewing machine, they are pulled taunt. So when you sew the ribbon on top, they're feeding through at different rates - same concept behind the genius of the gathering foot, and you don't need any special foot. So just sew on the ribbon, making sure that the tights are pulled tight. When you take them off the arm of the machine, you'll see that it ruffles up all on it's own.

Since I wasn't sure how much ribbon it would take to go around the bottom of the tights, I waited to cut the length until it was sewed down, so it didn't have a finished edge. I just overlapped a little, then folded the end over and sewed it down, as shown:

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Chalkboard Cannisters

See Chalkboard Coffee Cup post for instructions

Paper Easter Eggs


Kitchen Projects

Black Counter tops and white cabinets

Center Island

Ironing Board Holder

Kids Toys

Large Plastic Bin

Zip Lock Bags ~ stor toys with small pieces and lots of them.  Take the box top (puzzles, lego's, etc) and place inside the zip lock for easy identification.

Diaper Cake

Monday, March 22, 2010

Dining Table Redo


LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea!!  Here is what you will need:

An old table
cricut cut words

So, Here's what she did:

When redoing furniture, I always start by taking the piece apart, as much as you can. So I removed the pedestals and placed the table top across one of my work tables. Then I Sanded the top completely down to the raw wood. Next, I used a hand sanding block around the edges and pedestals. Now I was ready for paint. I decided I wanted to put a quote on the table so I painted the table top a creamy white. I used Rustleum's Semi Gloss black for the pedestals and the edges of the table. When you have a lot of carving details, it's best to spray paint. Here's the pedestals, ready for their new top.

After the creamy white was dry I printed out an original quote on my cricut. Mr. Right drew lines on the table so I could put the quote on evenly. After approximately 6 coats of rolled on Behr Black Semi Gloss paint, I was able to start peeling the letters off. Here's a sneek peak...

 If you look closely you can see the letters that are still under the paint. And here she is all done!

I used Harrington Font for the quote and all of the words are the same size.