Friday, March 19, 2010

Washcloth "Candy" Rolls Tutorial


This is probably the easiest and fastest of the three!

What You Need:

1. 6 baby washcloths per candy roll. Three washcloths in two different colors looks good, but play around with it. I bought some of the Gerber brand, but if you had a serger you could make your own easy enough.
2. Cellophane or shrink wrap
3. Ribbon for embellishment
4. Invisible Scotch tape

What You Do:

Step 1: This is the washcloth completely laid out flat.

Fold the washcloth into fourths. The easiest way is to fold in half and then fold in half again.

Step 2: Lay the three washcloths of the same color end to end. Overlap just the slightest bit, so you don't have any gaps when you roll it.

Here is what all three looked like in a row. (Yes, those are all same color.
Tip: You should also make sure that your washcloths are all lying the same direction. Meaning that the loose ends are at the bottom and the big fold is at the top for all three washcloths.

Step 3: Start laying your second color washcloths down about 2 inches from the start of the first color. Lay all three out.

Step 4: Start rolling your washcloths. You want to avoid doing it too tight or you get weird bunches and creases.

Step 5: Keep rolling until your second washcloth color(white) gets caught up in your roll.

Tip: When I got to the end of each of the washcloths on the bottom(Pink) I had to reach under and make sure the next washcloth was lined up and rolling as it should.
Step 6: Here is the finished roll. I did some pulling and tugging in some spots to adjust but for the most part it looked just great on its own. I used some invisible scotch tape to secure the rolls. It didn't take much.

Step 7: Wrap in cellophane. My Dollar Tree was out of the rolls of cellophane so I just bought a basket bag to cut up. Shrink Wrap would be great here too. I made these before I discovered the joy of Dollar Store shrink wrap.

I secured each end by wrapping the scotch tape around it.

Step 8: Embellish by tying some ribbon around each end.

I'm sure this would be cute with other things like burp cloths or receiving blankets. You would just need to use fewer items in each roll.

This would look great on top of your baby gift or as a gift in itself. I am using the candies, my blanket lollipops from the first in the series, and some "cupcakes" as a baby gift and as table decorations for a baby shower I am helping throw.

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