Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Jute Photo Frame Project

Since Easter is around the corner I decided I wanted a little reminder about what the holiday really is about. While I made one using the name of Jesus, you can really use this project to spell out anything you'd like. My shelf is not super big and this was just the perfect thing for me.

I picked up 5 clear plastic frames at the dollar store in various sizes. I took my hot glue gun, secured the end of the jute to the back of the frame on the bottom and just kept wrapping it around until I got about 3 rows from the top and started securing each end with hot glue.

I did that to all of the frames and positioned them the way I wanted them on my shelf.

Then using my Cricut (Don Juan cartridge) I cut out the letters to spell out Jesus. I used the shadow feature with white cardstock paper and the regular feature with my scrapbook paper. I layered my letters with double sided tape and then hot glued each letter to the frames. Here is the end result.

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