Friday, March 19, 2010

Blanket Lollipop


Here is what you need:

1. Receiving blanket, mine is 24"x 28" but I've seen 30"x30" at the dollar store.
2. 1 Dowel - I spray painted mine white
3. Shrink Wrap - I cut up a Shrink Wrap back from the dollar store. Cellophane would be just fine too
4. Scotch Tape - The invisible kind
5. Flexible Garden Tie - I found mine last year in the Dollar Spot at Target, I bet you could find it in any gardening section
6. Ribbon
 7. Glue Gun/Glue

Step 1. Lay out your receiving blanket with the back/boring side facing up.

Step 2. Fold the blanket in half, using a hot dog fold. (Doesn't matter if it is a square I suppose)

Step 3. Fold the bottom third, that has the open edges, up one third of the way.

Step 4. Fold down the top, one third of the way. The open edges are now hidden inside and will give you a cleaner look.

Step 5. At one end, start rolling like you would a sleeping bag. TIP: Don't roll too tightly or it looks a bit too flat with weird creases everywhere.

Here is what it looks like all rolled. This is a view of the front. If you look at the back, there will be an extra set of lines from where you folded it in thirds.

Step 6. Using your invisible scotch tape, tape around the entire roll in the very center of the roll. This will serve to keep the roll together AND give a place to attach the dowel to.

Step 7. Prepare your Garden Tie. I cut two pieces approximately 14" and 12". I spray painted it white. It wasn't the most successful, but as a few inches of the tie will show, you probably want it something other than green.

Step 8. Fold one end of your 14" tie in about 3".

Step 9. Insert the tie into the back of the middle of your roll. Push it all the way in. If you can see it sticking out through the front, then make your fold over a little smaller so it stays hidden.

Step 10. Curve the tie around the back of your roll and fold it over until it goes to the center of your scotch tape.

Here is the shape the garden tie should be in, if I haven't been clear. 

11. Wrap the remaining tie around your dowel several times. (Sorry for the blurry picture)

You can see the green coming through, it doesn't matter, as it will be covered by ribbon later.

12. Here is where it gets shocking! Put a dab of hot glue on the center of your tape to attach the dowel. I tested hot glue on my tape before hand, I suggest you do the same. I also actually tried putting the glue directly on the flannel. It came off without damage to the blanket, but the tape seemed less risky.

13. Make sure the dowel is as centered and upright as possible.

14. Once your hot glue is set, wrap your lollipop in shrink wrap or cellophane. I wanted to be sure I had enough since shrink wrap does after all shrink. You can get 2-3 lollipops worth of cellophane out of one of those bags from the dollar store.

Here's an after shot of the shrink wrap. Careful not to burn your hands, but you also have to be careful not to blow dry the "wrapper" that hangs down. Mine I love shrink wrap!

15. Take your 12" piece of tie and wrap it around the base of the lollipop on the outside of the shrink wrap. This holds everything in place and helps stabilize your lollipop.

16. Tie a ribbon around to hide the garden tie and trim any excess shrink wrap. I actually trimmed quite a bit more after I took this picture.

That's it, you're done!!

I made three, stuck them in a Dollar Tree basket, with dollar tree styrofoam and some Dollar Tree basket "grass."

One final note: you can probably skip most of the steps and just put a dowel at the back of the blanket roll, shrink wrap it. and call it a day. I did that at first, but everyone I showed it to seemed disappointed it didn't look like a "real" lollipop with the stick in the center.

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