Monday, March 22, 2010

Chalkboard Coffee Cups


Do you have a bunch of random mugs you've picked up over the years? Let's make a matching set of Chalkboard Mugs that you can label with each person's name!


Random Mugs
Alcohol and cotton balls
Spray Primer
Painter's Tape
Blackboard Paint
Clean the surface of your mug well with an alcohol soaked cotton ball. Now tape off the logo like this (Tip: Use your fingernail along the edges to really get a good bond to avoid paint bleed through on the edges. I didn't know this little tidbit until AFTER I painted mine. So my edges aren't so crisp.):

Now cover the remaining mug with a plastic bag and spray the open space with a primer meant for glass. I like this RustOleum Universal Primer you can use it on any surface!

Let dry then apply two coats of blackboard paint. Remove tape and voila! Your very own coordinated mugs that you can label with your names! ("M" and "D" is for Mom and Dad. Creative, I know.)

Wouldn't this be fun to have a slew of these mugs handy when you have a girl's coffee morning? Label all the mugs with silly names beforehand and let your friends figure out who each mug belongs to!

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