Friday, March 5, 2010

Toddler Dress From Adult Skirt

Start with a skirt that you no longer wear or maybe out of style for you.  
Next  measure the length you wanted to cut it. My daughter is between a 2 and 3T so I was going to cut it at 17 1/2 in. This is a sheer fabric with a lined skirt underneath so I decided to draw a line to stitch the two skirts together. 

Next stitch on the line and cut above the stitch line.

Now I am ready to work on the chest band. I took the idea and measurement formula from lil blue boo's tutorial here. so I cut a 7 by chest measurement +1.5in. After I cut it, I realized I wanted a thicker chest band so didn't fold like in the tutorial. I folded in half and ironed then folded about an inch on each sides and ironed

I stitched right sides together with really small seam allowance because I didn't think it gave enough room around the chest but I was wrong and should of had more seam allowance!!

Then I folded it back the way I ironed it and set it aside for now. Next take your skirt and you will gather it to fit the chest band. For me I set my sewing machine on a zig zag at the biggest length and zig zagged over fishing line. 

Once that is done, I pin the skirt in the chest band in 4 parts and begin to pull my fishing line and then pin some more.


 Then I stitch in place. Once that is done you can pull the fishing line out.  Now I top stitch with a decorative stitch. When I do this I find an embroidery thread looks the best.  .

Then I cut 4 strips of ribbon at 18in in length. I pinned on for the straps
Next stitch into place and cut ends on an angle and seal with fire.

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