Friday, March 19, 2010

Easy Fun Gifts

Idea/Tutorial from:

Materials Needed:

2x4 pieces cut to 8 inches
scrapbook paper
Oreo Suckers

Mod podge on the paper. I used green for grass…polka dot grass…whatever:)

Sand it down. If you want to stain it this is where you’d do it. I didn’t because I didn’t want to:) I thought it looked good with out any stain.

Fresh NAKED wood!

I used the silhouette to cut the flowers and leaves. Aren’t they cute?

Drilled 4 holes. I didn’t measure I just guessed where to drill. I used a drill bit the same size as the the sucker stick.

If you are wondering how to make these suckers the tutorial on how to make them is in this too.

Add your happy spring vinyl!!!

Tie a fat ribbon around the block.

Stick your suckers in and TaDa!!!!

An easy and thrifty {{but they won’t know it}} gift to give to your whomever! It makes me smile…random gift giving. Giving because you are thinking about them, not because it’s a holiday.

Oreo Cookie Suckers

What you’ll need: Oreos, Sucker sticks, Melting Chocolate, Sprinkles, sucker bags, and bag ties.

Melt Chocolate in 30 seconds increments until melted, stir often. {Wilton}

Dip a sucker stick into your melted chocolate. Open an Oreo and gently press the chocolate coated stick into the frosting center. Put cookie back together and press gently… Let dry for a few minutes… Dip both sides of the cookie into melted chocolate. Place on wax paper…

and get decorating… sprinkle… Or drizzle melted chocolate out of a ziplock bag… Let Dry.

Wrap in cute little sucker baggies and twist tie shut…

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