Monday, March 22, 2010

Dining Table Redo


LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea!!  Here is what you will need:

An old table
cricut cut words

So, Here's what she did:

When redoing furniture, I always start by taking the piece apart, as much as you can. So I removed the pedestals and placed the table top across one of my work tables. Then I Sanded the top completely down to the raw wood. Next, I used a hand sanding block around the edges and pedestals. Now I was ready for paint. I decided I wanted to put a quote on the table so I painted the table top a creamy white. I used Rustleum's Semi Gloss black for the pedestals and the edges of the table. When you have a lot of carving details, it's best to spray paint. Here's the pedestals, ready for their new top.

After the creamy white was dry I printed out an original quote on my cricut. Mr. Right drew lines on the table so I could put the quote on evenly. After approximately 6 coats of rolled on Behr Black Semi Gloss paint, I was able to start peeling the letters off. Here's a sneek peak...

 If you look closely you can see the letters that are still under the paint. And here she is all done!

I used Harrington Font for the quote and all of the words are the same size. 

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