Monday, March 29, 2010



You will not believe how easy this is - let's get started:

First, gather your supplies.

"The Look" is to have the leggings hit mid-calf. I happened to have some footless tights in my giveaway pile because they were too small for my daughter - perfect. Too small just meant too short - they'll still fit around the waist. If you need to go buy footless tights, buy a size too small so they'll be short. And then I had some leftover ribbon - that's where you can be creative - try some wild colors!

As I was considering how to make these, I figured you'd gather the ribbon, then sew it on to the tights - pretty simple. But it's even easier than that! I was thinking about my earlier use of my gathering foot and how it works, and thought of a new plan:

When you put the tights around the arm of the sewing machine, they are pulled taunt. So when you sew the ribbon on top, they're feeding through at different rates - same concept behind the genius of the gathering foot, and you don't need any special foot. So just sew on the ribbon, making sure that the tights are pulled tight. When you take them off the arm of the machine, you'll see that it ruffles up all on it's own.

Since I wasn't sure how much ribbon it would take to go around the bottom of the tights, I waited to cut the length until it was sewed down, so it didn't have a finished edge. I just overlapped a little, then folded the end over and sewed it down, as shown:

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