Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mod Podge Family Monogram

Do you ever see a project that you see that you get a little giddy about doing? Well, this one made me giddy. I just had to make one for my family!!  I found it best to copy the pictures my my printers draft setting, it made them a little lighter and easier to see, plus it saved ink! I mod podged the pictures on and carefully worked on the edges and then made a thin layer of mod podge over the whole thing. End of story, love it!

Here is the side view: And here is a picture of the scale all 23.5 inches of its glory and where it lives happily in my entry way.

Another Blogger's Post:

I thought it would be cute if the kiddo’s had their first initial hanging above their bed. I was originally just going to paint these, and then I thought it would be cuter if I mod podged photos of themselves on the letter. Kinda like a photo collage of their first 3 years.

So here's the tutorial:

I bought these cheap-o cardboard letters at Joanns. I think they were about $7-$8 a piece, and they are pretty big - about 2 feet tall.


mod podge
tons of photos

I printed out a ton of photos (at least 50) on regular computer paper. Photo paper is much more stiff and a lot more difficult to work with, so I just used the stuff that was already in our printer. I printed out pictures in every size possible - from full page to wallet sized. Then, I cut them out:

I took a picture and laid it on the letter where I would like it. I either scrunched it or cut it to fit:

Then mod-podged it on:

I worked on the whole letter this way, one photo at a time:

Some areas, especially the curves, ended up looking crumpled:

But here is the fix:

Basically, work on the front first and don't pay too much attention to the inside of the letter. Then, once the front is finished, mod-podge more photos to the inside. This completely covers the scrunched areas.

Once all the photos were in place, I put a thin layer of mod-podge over the whole thing:

Here is my favorite part:

I love how some of the bigger pictures fold over the letter and cover both the front and the inside.

So here you go!

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