Thursday, July 29, 2010

Play Tent


Hope you are able to find a little time to sew one up for the kids.

(Beginner Project: From start to finish project should take about 2-3 hours.)

Materials Needed:

*3 twin flat sheets- 2 of the sheets should be of the same pattern. (I bought 4 because I wanted contrasting colors and I am planning on making some accessories for my tent.)

*1 hula hoop

Use a stitch length of 1, and make sure you zig-zag stitch or serge over all raw edges.

Start off by either cutting your ribbon to the following sizes or making your own ties. I made my ties by using my bias tape maker.

Make the Following:

*Four ties 60" by 1/2" wide, (will be used to attach the hula hoop to tent.)

*One tie 30" by 1" wide, (will be used to hang the tent.)

*One tie 80" by 2"wide, (will be used to keep door open.)

Cut out 6 triangles, each measuring about 24" long on the sides and 22" wide at the base.

Make the curve in the triangle by placing the hula hoop on base of triangle. Trace and cut. Triangles should now be about 21 1/2" from tip of triangle to the middle of curve.
With right sides facing, sew two triangles together on one side. Sew one more triangle to the other two. Should have three triangles sewn together like here. Repeat with the other three triangles.

Take the 30" by 1" wide tie and sew a loop on one end. This will be used inside of tent to hang things on.

Take one of the triangle sets and pin the looped tie to right side of fabric. Let it overhang a few inches like above. With right sides facing, pin other triangle set on top of the first one. Pin in place on the straight edge only and sew.

Make sure you back stitch a few times over the tie. This needs to be very sturdy. This is what the tent will be hanging by.
Should look like this so far.
If you want to, at this point add some Velcro to the tie.

Should look like this on bottom side.
Gather the four 1/2" ties.
Evenly space them out around the top (circle.) Pin the ties in place. I left about 8" hanging off the top, which will be used to tie the hula hoop on. The longest part of the ties are going to end up being on the outside of tent and will be tied into a bow.
Sew in place, remember to back stitch a few times!
Set top aside.
Now get out the two sheets that will be used for the sides of tent. Since the sheets only measure 96" long, you are going to have to cut about 35" from the second sheet and attach it to the first sheet. Pin right sides of sheets together.

Before you sew the sheets together, measure down about 25" from the top of where the two sheets will be sewn together. Place the middle of the 80" by 2" wide tie half way in. You will end up with half of the tie on the right sides of fabric and the other half will be hanging out. Sew sheets together.

Now it is time to sew the sheets and top (circle.) together. Start by pinning right sides of top (circle) and sheets together. Make sure that the long ties are tucked in and short ties are hanging on the outside.

The sheets will overlap one another about 3" or so at the end. That is what you want. It will make the opening of the tent a little sturdier.
Here is the overlap and the opening that will be your door.

This is what you should have.
You can see the extra sheet that was sewn together and the overlapped part.

Finish off raw edges of sheet.

Outside of tent.

Inside of tent.

My sheets came in these cute little bags, so I just had to use them.

I sewed two of them on the inside of tent about 20" from bottom.

And these on the outside of tent. I placed mine about 12" from the door at staggered heights.

You are now finished sewing!
Time to attach the hoop.

Turn tent inside out and tie hoop on with the little ties.

Should have this now, turn right side out and you are finished! Find a great spot to tie or anchor the tent to.

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