Thursday, January 20, 2011

Valentine Project: Playing Card Coupon Booklets

This year I'm giving my little family Valentine Coupon books made out of a deck of playing cards.

I bought the playing cards at the grocery store. They were a double pack of cards for $1.99. Then I made the coupons. If you would like to use them, they are HERE. You can customize them and put whatever you want on your coupons.

I thought of each member of my family and what they would think is fun. Some of the coupons I made up were:


• Lunch with Mom
• Movie and Popcorn
• Bowling with a Friend
• 1 Hour Computer Time
• Trip to the Ice Cream Shop
• Manicure
• Pedicure
• Mom will do your Chores for 1 Day
• Dad will do your Chore for 1 Day
• Trip to the Aquarium
• Breakfast in Bed
• Video Game Rental
• Video Night
• 1 Hour TV Time
• Trip to the Mall and a Pair of Earrings
• Shoe Shopping

Some for my Husband were:

• Back Rub
• Dessert of Your Choice
• Candlelit Dinner for Two
• Breakfast in Bed
• Night without Kids
• Foot Massage
• and a few unmentionables :)

First I printed off the coupons, trimmed them and attached them to the cards.

Then I punched a hole in the cards.

Then I took some big jewelry links and threaded the chain through the hole in the card.

Then I cut ten 5-inch lengths of ribbon and tied them on each of the round rings {found in the jewelry section of Micheal's}.

I then attached the round rings to the smaller jewelry links by opening up the links and then closing them when they were attached. If you can't find large round rings, you could use keychain rings (also found in the jewelry section).

The last thing I did was hot glue a vintage button on the top of each coupon book. And then cut the prongs off a fabric scrapbook brad and hot glued it on top of the button!

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