Thursday, January 7, 2010

Knee Hi Sox ~ Bow Head Bands

Hair Bows from trouser or knee length nylon/spandex socks. I have found that the smooth print socks are woven tighter and therefore have better stretch recovery than some others that have a textured weave to them.

The method is generally the same as with the nylon knee highs. Turn the sock inside out and lay flat.

  Using a straight edge, or pair of scissors, trim off the toe seam and ribbed calf portions. If you want a wide bowband then stop here. Turn sock right side out, overlap ends, and hand sew just like with the nylon band instructions. For thinner bands continue to the next step.                                

Measure the middle of the sock witdth and using a straight edge cut into 2 equal width parts. Mine were about 1.75" wide.

While they are still right sides together sew a small zig zag seam close to the longest raw edge leaving the 2 short ends open. You may have to pull taught in the front and back of the sock as you sew to ensure even feeding.

Don't worry if it shifts a little and your raw edge isn't even. You can trim that after your seam is sewn.

Turn your band inside out and finger press the seam. You may have to roll the seam between your fingers to get it to smooth out. Now you're ready to overlap your short ends and hand stitch as before. Make sure your seam is to the side and not running down the middle.

Your seam is now on the bottom of the band.

Cover the scrunched seam with ribbon as before making sure to heat seal your ends.

Finished! Attach your favorite clip to the front and enjoy!

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