Friday, January 15, 2010

Cookie Table

Wedding Cookie Table: How-to, Tips & Ideas

A scrumptious wedding cookie table is a fantastic wedding favor for guests and is sure to be lots of fun and well appreciated! After all, who doesn't love a cookie?

How Many Cookies Do You Need To Make For A Cookie Table?

The rule of thumb is about 5 to 10 cookies per person attending your reception. Of course, this all depends on your wedding and preferences for your reception. You will find that most reception halls will tray your cookies, if you drop them off before the reception. You are going to need many dozens of cookies for your reception. For example, if you budget 5 cookies / person, and you invite 200 people, that works out to 1000 cookies. That is about 83 dozen cookies that will need to be prepared for the wedding. Enlist a lot of help from family and friends to help bake these many dozens of cookies, candy, or treats.

What Kinds of Cookies Should I Make?

Cookie ideas:
• Peanut Butter Cookies
• Hershey Kiss Cookies
• Ladyfingers
• Thumbprints
• Chocolate Chip (Yes it is ok to have chocolate chip cookies on a wedding cookie table)
• Buckeye's
• Cheesecake Treats
• Apricot Filled Cookies
• Oatmeal Raisin
• Fruit Filled Cookies
• Sugar Cookies
• Snickerdoodles
• M&M Cookies
• Butter Pecan Squares

Not really a picture of a cookie table...but I love the monogram tablecloth!

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