Friday, January 15, 2010

Paper Flower Bouquets

Many brides are opting for paper bouquets in lieu of traditional hand-picked flowers. Think they’re hard to make? They’re not. Check out our step by step guide here.


• Tissue paper (in similar colors) $.99 pack of 10 sheets (For this project, we used two shades of yellow and one white (3 colors total))
• Styrofoam balls (2” and 1”) $.43 and .10
• Green Floral Tape $1.49
• 18-guage cloth covered stem wire $1.49
• Artificial stamens (pearl topped flower sprays) $1.99
• 2” wired ribbon $1.99
• Scissors

All materials were purchased at Michael’s with the exception of tissue paper and Styrofoam purchased from a local art store. We made this bouquet for approximately $10, with materials left over for at least one more or several boutonnieres.

Quick Tip: Instead of Styrofoam, you can also use cotton balls in varying sizes.

Pom Flower:

Step 1: Layer 4-5 sheets of tissue paper (10” x 6” rectangle going through all layers). Make ½ inch accordion folds.

Step 2: Bend stem wire around the center of tissue and crimp tight with fingers to secure.

Step 3: Trim ends to a “V” or “U” shape, varying the length from the center for larger or smaller poms.

Step 4: Carefully separate layers of tissue one at a time.

Step 5: Fluff paper and blend together.

How to Make a Ball Flower:

Step 1: Cut 5 pieces of 5” x 4” tissue paper. For each petal, wrap tissue halfway around Styrofoam ball and twist ends and remove ball. Use different size Styrofoam for larger or smaller petals.

Step 2: Secure 12 stamens (or 6 pairs) onto stem wire using green floral tape.

Step 3: Attach twisted end onto stem wire at the base of the stamen, one at a time.

Step 4: Gently pull petals away from the center and trim the pointed ends

Folded Petal Flower:

Step 1: Secure 12 stamens (or 6 pairs) onto stem wire using green floral tape.

Step 2: Cut several 2” x 3” and 1” by 2” rectangles from tissue and fold each piece in half lengthwise. Trim one end to be rounded and twist the blunt edge. Choose similarly-hued tissue paper to add depth. Attach petals one at a time from smallest in the center moving out to the largest, taping twisted ends onto wire.

Step 3: Fluff out petals.

Each bouquet requires approximately 25 flowers. Once the flowers are arranged, wrap the stems in green floral tape. Cover the stems with a wide, wired ribbon.

Or, try with a Ribbon...

Tissue Pomanders

These step-by-step instructions will show you how to make gorgeous Tissue Pomanders.


 Styrofoam Balls: Sold at craft stores such as Michaels. For this guide, Marina used 3” balls.

Tissue Paper: For each pomander, you’ll need approximately 72 sheets of tissue paper cut to be 5” x 7”

Wire: Sold at hardware stores
Wire Cutters: Sold at hardware stores
Cost: $2 - $5 each

Step 1

Cut each sheet of tissue paper to 5” x 7”.

Step 2
Stack 4 sheets of tissue and fan fold all the way up.

Step 3

Tie some wire around the middle of the tissue. You’ll need to play around with it to get a feel for how much you’ll need. Be sure to leave a little extra since that’s what you stick in the Styrofoam.

Step 4

Start pulling the tissue sheets up one at a time. Left then Right. Continue until all the tissue is pulled up and it looks like a flower.

Step 5

Stick the wire under the flower in the Styrofoam ball. Keep placing flowers all the way the ball until it’s full. Play around with the placement to make the flower as tight or loose as you’d like.

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