Tuesday, August 10, 2010

From: http://www.vanessachristenson.com/

Here is a way to spruce up those old swim towels and make it a super cute towel!!

I took one big hot pink towel from ikea and coordinated it with two light pink hand towels also from ikea and created a super cute want to show this off to everyone towel.

Supplies Needed:

*One beach size towel
*Two small hand towels in coordinating color.
*Heat 'n bond iron on adhesive
*Bowls and cups of different sizes
First you are going to get your bowls and cup and trace enough circles to fit on your hand towels on the paper side of the heat n bond.

*Cut our your circles leaving a little extra so it makes it easier to cut out your circles once ironed on.
*Iron on your circles onto the hand towels.

*Cut out circles.

*Take off paper from circles, and place them on your towel how you would like for them to be placed.

*Press circles with iron so they will adhere to the towel.

Sew around you circles to fully secure your circles onto your towel.

Tada! done and ready to hit any body of water!

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