Tuesday, August 10, 2010

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Fonts are a VERY IMPORTANT part of any project - and in my opinion, using the right ones can take your project from drab to fab!

"Where did you get that font?"

Some people collect figurines or stamps... I obsessively collect fonts. I have hundreds of them and know each one by name and am always on the lookout for something new and unique. There a great selection of free font sources that any new or old font addict should know about!

The first is SCRAPVILLAGE http://www.scrapvillage.com/

They have a huge, very diverse collection of free fonts that download very easily. Spend a little bit of time on their website and you'll end up with a nice collection of unique fonts of your own! I think you should be able to find most of the ones shown above on their site.

My second "GO-TO" font spot is Fonts For Peas...

http://www.kevinandamanda/com an awesome website where font creator and blogger, Amanda, takes handwriting samples and turns them into free fonts for font addicts like us! She has a huge selection, sure to fit the needs of any digital project you have going on. If you are looking for fancy, cursive, trendy, perfect print or whimsical - she's got it.
Pea Fonts add a more personalized touch for journaling entries on scrapbook pages and definitely can give any project or blog design a fun creative edge. Amanda also has another font collection HERE that any crafter, blogger or scrapper would love! A couple of my other favorites you might want to browse are Sugar Frog Fonts & Two Peas Free Fonts.


Everyone's computer is different... but here's how I do it on mine, I'm a PC:

"Click" on the font you want and a download box will pop up. Click "Save" (I usually choose to save it directly to my desktop. That way, it doesn't get lost in the abyss of my C: drive).

Then, to "install" it, open and extract the zip file (point your cursor on the file, right click and choose "Extract File")

A new file folder (without a zipper) will appear on your desktop. Open that folder, then copy or "drag and drop" the actual “TrueType” font file into your Windows Font Folder. You should be able to find your font folder at: C:/Windows/Fonts

Once a font file is saved into your Windows Font folder... it is essentially, "installed" and should be available to use in any program on your computer! YIPPEEE!


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