Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Family Photo Tree

Family Tree - It's over 5 feet tall!

I found this on a blog that I follow and I LOVE IT!! I decided to create one of my own! Here goes… This is where she suggested to get the tree; Roomates Tree Branch Wall Sticker, at www.roomatespeelandstick.com. I have always loved genealogy and thought this was so cute! This cute idea of a puzzle frame was what she used for the frames… www.currentcatalog.com. (puzzle frame). And the FAMILY letters she got a www.Joann.com (papermache leters).

Construction of the Tree

Tree Branch Wall Sticker: The wall sticker does not come "assembled", the branches, leaves, little twigs, etc are all separate stickers. After trial and error I decided to place the tree branches the way they were on the package. They really do hold up well to removing and "re-sticking".  The leaves were the last touch ... after the photo frames!

Frames: These frames are about 3x3 and weigh next to nothing. For ease of positioning and to avoid excess nail holes I used thumb-tack putty to stick the frames to the walls!

Pictures: The most time consuming part of this project was finding pictures of each family member ... in fact if you look close you'll see a few "blank" frames. After finding the right pictures, I edited them to black and white, brightened the photos and cropped them down to approx. 2.5 x 2.5 inch squares.

Letters:  Just added! I bought these paper mache letters for 50% off, spray painted them black and used thumb-tack putty to adhere them to the walls. I would have preferred slightly smaller letters for this project ... but I used what I could get my hands on!

Photo Placement: After a lot of deliberation (of which I will spare you) .... the right side of the tree is "my side of the family", the left side is "my husband's side" and the center branch is "us". Each sibling and their family has their own branch. The tree progresses from the "bottom up" ... grandparents at the bottom, followed by parents and then siblings in birth-order. From there the tree grows "out". The sibling towards the base of the branch and their children in birth-order growing "out" from the branch base.

Supplies: If you want to create your own family tree with the supplies I used, save yourself hours of internet shopping! I listed the sites you can order your suppliesfrom att he top. The thumb-tack putty can be found in just about any store.

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