Thursday, February 11, 2010

Love Votive Holder


1. Construct each votive sleeve from two strips of pink card stock scored and folded into two equal sections. Leave a tab on one end for gluing or taping the pieces together neatly.

2. Trace the letters on the left side of the cardstock and heart shapes onto the right side of the card stock with pencil, then cut them out using a crafts knife.

Use double-stick tape to attach a square of hot pink vellum to the cutout area to give the candlelight a soft, romantic glow.

3. To mail, tuck the candle sleeves into pockets made from pieces of white card stock that have been printed with a message, cut to fit, and sewn to the inside of the card using a simple running stitch.

4. Assemble the inner and outer pages of the card and sew them together booklet-style with a double strand of pink embroidery floss. Tie the loose ends in a bow.


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