Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tag Blanket

What you will need:

Fabric (two different coordinating fabrics)
Ribbon (various sizes and colors to match)
*batting (optional)
1. For the blanket to be 15x15 measure and cut 15 ½ x 15 ½ on both of the fabrics

2. Cut your ribbon to the length that you would like for them to be remembering that you will be looping them. For 2 “ loops; remember to double and add one inch for seams.

3. On the right side of one piece of your fabric pin loops.

4. Sew along the edge ¼” hem to secure the ribbon, do this all the way around to secure all the loops.

5. Pin on the other square of fabric with right sides together. **optional batting

6. Sew around all sides 1/4 “ making sure to tuck in the ribbon so that it does not get stuck in the hem.

7. On the last side leave a small opening to turn your fabric.

8. Snip the corners being careful not to cut the stitches.

9. Turn fabric to the right side, pulling thru the small opening that you left. Square corners and iron to square and make flat. Blind stitch the opening to close.

10. **I like to use a batting to have a filler and be more like a blanket. You can quilt or, pull yarn thru and tie off to keep batting from wading up when washing.

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