Thursday, February 18, 2010

Rag Quilt Letters

Other ideas….make a Merry Christmas banner with them for sure and maybe a Happy Birthday one. These aren't firm at all, but if you wanted more stable ones you could add some interfacing to the layers as well. Also, you could add velcro or something to the back so they could stick to a felted board, etc.

Materials Needed:

Scrap Fabrics for front
-Fabric for back (I used vintage chenille)
-Quilt batting (I used felt on the lower case letters to make it more stiff)
-Fabric pen
-Sewing machine, scissors, etc.

*****Quick correction:I misnamed the quilt batting as interfacing in the instructions. I only used quilt batting, but if you want stiffer letters to make a banner with, I suggest using a stiff interfacing(ex: JoAnn's & Walmart carry a Craft Interfacing that is really stiff) along with the batting.*****

1. Print out letters to trace. I used Microsoft Publisher to create the letters and made them all the same size and used the same font. You could do this in Word as well, or Photoshop. You could also just free style it, etc. Cut the letters out.

2. Trace the letters onto the fabric that you will use for the top.

3. Cut the letters out in square shapes.

4. Cut out squares of quilt batting and backing that will be the same size of the letter.

5. Make a sandwich of the fabrics and quilt batting. Place the back fabric right side down. Then place the piece of interfacing on top of that. Next, place the top fabric right side up. Pin together. Sew on the tracing.

6. If you desire, you can quilt it or just leave it.

7. Trim the edges of the three layers. Leave at least 1/4 inch around the edges of the letters.

8. Clip the raw edges. Make clips straight into every seam allowance. Stop before you reach the seam allowance.

9.Throw it in the washing machine and then the dryer. They will come out all raggedy around the edges.

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