Thursday, February 11, 2010

Headboard Ideas

I love this idea for a headboard and a vintage bedroom.  The headboard is an old door.  Painted and stained to look old.  Toppedoff with photos of children or grandchildren it looks great!  To add to the rooms decor, another picture/photo idea, using an old window pane.

The photos are all printed on cream cardstock. I then layered all of them on brown cardstock to give them a more finished look. I used mono adhesive to attached the pictures to the glass. Make sure to clean it thoroughly first though! Who knows what had been on that window!

I used a saying that I cut out with my cricut a while back, this quote used to be on our wall, but I simply peeled it off and added to the center of the window. I copied the saying from a stampin up stamp I had. I know, I misspelled fairytale, but I have no more white cricut vinyl, and haven't been to the store to buy more, and it makes me laugh whenever I see it, It was 2:00am when I originally did this, and I knew something didn't look quite right, I realized the next morning what I did wrong!

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