Thursday, February 11, 2010

Fun Projects With Vinal

Vinyl Post…What you need to know before you buy Vinyl

I got this bowl at the dollar store and made it super cute! All it took was a little red permanent vinyl. AND YES I FOUND A PLACE THAT WILL SELL STRIPS FOR YOUR CRICUT(see below)! Yea!!!

Okay here is the low down on vinyl.

These are the three main types of vinyl I use on my crafting projects:

1. Oracal 631 Matte: This is what is sold at craft stores for your cricut machine. It is removable and it is a little thicker. It is NOT permanent. Great for general crafting.

2. Oracal 651: This is vinyl you’d use out side.

3. Oracal 751 or 951: This is the permanent vinyl. I use the 951. It lasts a little longer. This vinyl is thinner! It is harder to cut tiny… tiny things with this vinyl. Just make your font bigger if it’s ‘eating’ your vinyl. I still hand wash my items, but my daughter has put it in the dishwasher and it was fine. I wouldn’t microwave the vinyl. Pour hot water into the mug:)

Transfer Paper – you really need this to help things stay even so that your crafts look more professional. For small projects you can use painters tape (the blue kind at the hardware store).

These are the two companies that you can get cinal from:
For Vinyl Strips: Expression

They sell strips of vinyl and transfer paper at great prices!

For Vinyl Lettering: My Talking

They sell pre-cut vinyl lettering. They have a new ‘design you own’ tab that makes font, color, and sizing easy!

Both companies have great pricing and great customer service…we checked them out before posting!

Another cute idea for vinal!

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