Tuesday, April 13, 2010


There’s simply no end to the crafty-yet-practical possibilities with Ziploc® brand bags. Here is a simple tutorial for creating a cool little file tote using Ziploc® bags and a small paper handle bag.


• Six Ziploc® Multi-Purpose Quart size Storage Bags
• One 8"x10"x5" gift or shopping bag
• Reinforcement paper
• Fabric or tape
• Sewing machine
• Thread
• Labels, stickers and/or tabs.

1. Keeping bag flat, fold down the bottom flap section to create two open areas inside the bag to hold the Ziploc® bags.

2. Tape together the bottoms of the Ziploc® bags into two sets of three.

3. Slide the sets of Ziploc® bags into the two separate sections of the paper bag.

4. Sew along the paper bag midway, above the bottom area of the Ziploc®, bags to secure all pieces together. Leaving the starting and ending threads long; knot them by hand and trim the extra thread. You can adjust the length of your tote depending on your preference. Trim off the extra bag sections below the stitching.

5. Use a strip of paper, fabric or wide tape folded equally in half to cover the trimmed area. I chose a piece of vintage printed paper, reinforcing it by laminating with a strip of clear packing tape.

6. Stitch along the edge of the added strip well above the fold. Trim off extra strip scrap and tie off ends of the thread.

7. Apply filing labels, insert tabs, stickers, or tape to the tops of the Ziploc® bags and a label to the front if you’d like.

Now start filing! Here are just a few of the many ways to use your Ziploc® file tote:

•Store coupons, restaurant discounts, gift cards

• Take-along-projects, coloring sheets and crayons for keeping little ones busy at restaurants

• Embroidery floss or string for projects (My daughter makes friendship bracelets with embroidery floss any chance she gets)
• Receipt holder

• Scrapbook embellishments, stickers, labels, small papers or photos

• Portable craft supplies

• Flash cards

• Plastic utensils, napkins and other take-out items for eating on the go

• Use as a gift bag for items in multiples, such as recipe cards and photographs

• Business cards collected from others

• Small charger cords

• Flat wrapped snacks such as fruit leathers

• Office items for your vehicle: notepad, sticky-notes, pens, pencils, highlighter pen, paper clips, calculator or small scissors

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