Thursday, April 29, 2010

Scrap Flowers

A Scrap Blossom that Sparkles!

Everyone has some scraps laying about it seems. Why not use them to make a Scrap Bloosom? It's quite simple and makes a great statement for your creations.

To create this Bloom, you will need:

Scraps of pattern paper, cardstock, etc. Zip Dry adhesive, a button or other embellishment for the center, Ultra Fine Glitter, and scissors. I used fringe scissors so I could make many cuts at once and speed up the process. Not necessary for the creation of the flower.

1- Cut your scrap paper up into a pile of strips.

2- Put a decent sized swirl of Zip Dry on a small scrap of cardstock or pattern paper. This will be the base of the flower.

3- Start layering the strips in a star burst pattern on top of the Zip Dry.

4- Add more adhesive as need be while layering the strips.

5- Your flower will look something like this when all the strips are placed. Fullness of flower is entirely up to you!

6- Glue button in the center.

7- Dab some adhesive on the strips/petals of flower as desired and then sprinkle glitter on top.

8- There you go! A Scrap Blossom that sparkles!

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