Thursday, April 29, 2010

Phone Message Board


For this project you will need the following:

1. GCD Pattern Paper (I chose to use the Homespun Chic collection by Melody Ross)
2. GCD Brads (Again I chose to use the Homespun Chic collection by Melody Ross)
3. 6x6 cork board
4. Ribbon
5. A Stapler
6. A 6x6 Shadow Box
7. Scissors
8. Crackle or white paint
9. Sand Paper or a Paper File
10. A Ruler
11. Pen or Pencil
12. Pins

Step 1:

Prep your shadow box. My shadow box came with a hard plastic pane – so the first thing I did was remove it. I then slightly sanded off any imperfections in the wood to prep for painting. I then painted my shadow box and set it aside to dry.

Step 2:

Using your ruler find the center point on your cork board – mark it. Cut off 6 pieces of ribbon large enough to cover the front and wrap around the back of your cork board.

Then take your first ribbon starting in the upper left hand corner and stretch it across your center point to the lower right hand corner. Now using your pins – pin it to each corner so it doesn’t move. Next, take 2 ribbons and place them to each side of the middle – you can either eye ball this or measure it – but you are going to pin these ribbons so that you have even space from the edge and the middle ribbon. Pin and secure. Turn your cork board and repeat the process for the last 3 ribbons (finding center) and then placing the remaining two.

Now take your brads and place them over the top of the 2 intersecting ribbons (see picture) secure these to the back by flatting them out.

Take another piece of cork board and place it on the back side of the first cork board. Pull up each ribbon tightly and staple each strain to the back. Trim off the excess ribbon.

Step 3:

After your box is dried – place your cork board inside and decorate the outside with pattern paper. There you have it – a phone message center that will keep you organized this spring!

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