Thursday, April 1, 2010

Glass Etching Tutorial {Cookies for Santa}

Use this beautiful glass etched "Cookies For Santa" plate for your Christmas Eve traditions. These would also be wonderful neighbor gifts!

What you’ll need:

-Clear Glass Plate (Walmart for only $1.50!)
 -Armor Etch (available at any local craft store)
-Paintbrush (that you can throw away)
-Disposable gloves
-Cookies for Santa Vinyl
Step 1

Clean your glass plate. Windex or warm water works well.

Peel your vinyl from sticker paper very slowly. It’s best to peel back not up.

Step 2

Place your vinyl image on your work surface sticky side up. Center your plate over vinyl and press down. This step is permanent so make sure the vinyl is where you want it before you press the plate on to it.

Step 3

Flip your plate over (rub any bubbles out) and peel off the paper slowly.

Step 4

PUT ON YOUR GLOVES! This Armor Etch stuff can burn your skin if you are not careful.

I bought this 10 oz. bottle of Armor Etch last Christmas when I did these plates for neighbor gifts and I still have enough left over to do 10 more plates. Point being, it lasts a LONG time.

Step 5

Using your paintbrush, gob (is that a word?) the Armor Etch on the vinyl with your paintbrush. Make sure not to get the Armor Etch on any other part of the plate. If you do, hurry and wipe it off with a dry paper towel.

Once it’s all covered, let it sit for 5 minutes.

Step 6

Next, take about 3 balled-up paper towels and (under warm water) wipe all the excess Armor Etch off your plate. The vinyl will begin to peel off and your plate will look like nothing happened because it’s wet.

Dry the plate and clean with Windex.

Now you have a beautiful plate for Santa!

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